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We're Now Convinced We Need This Fruit Hammock In Our Kitchen ASAP

Our fruits deserve this

Fruit bowls are always a classic staple in your kitchen. For years, people have used giant decorative or simple bowls to hold their oranges, apples and bananas and while it’s always a good option, it’s not typically the best option for those who have minimal counter space or simply want a more chic way to display your love of fresh fruit.

If you’re in the latter group, we have the perfect alternative for you courtesy of TikTok user @chloe.emma.higgins. This fruit hammock is cute, convenient and easy to DIY!

After being inspired by other TikTokers make this cute DIY, the couple decided to join in on the creative fun and make a fruit hammock for themselves, especially since their current fruit bowl took up quite a bit of space in their kitchen, anyway.

To create this cute fruit hammock, the couple purchased some pine wood and cut it down to their desired length size before simply adding macrame to the top pieces of pine to create the cute and chic miniature hammock.

We love how this fruit hammock not only frees up kitchen counter space, but is also easy and inexpensive to DIY!

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