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People Are Freaking Out Over These DIY Luxury Furniture Dupes That Are Less Than Half the Price

This TikToker made a $299 Pottery Barn shelf for just $35.

We've all been window shopping when it happens. When we left the house we didn't have a huge intention of spending money, but then, we see *it.* You know, that thing that will absolutely complete your favorite room in the house. When you saunter up to it and flip over the price tag, your heart sinks into your butt. There is no way on earth  you can afford a $600 coffee table, so you go away with your head hung low and your heart just a little more broken.

Unless you're Emily and Lucas of @emyludesigns. They look at those pieces and think "huh, I can do that AND do it better." What's even cooler? They'll show you how to get in on the DIY action too. Take for instance this $299 Pottery Barn shelf. 

The simple construction really only required a minimal amount of materials and equipment. And if the only thing you don't have is the know-how, they take you along for a step-by-step tutorial. 

We aren't saying everyone should go out and buy a table saw and get to work, but, if there is something you've been dying to bring into your house that you simply can't afford, DIYing it might be the perfect solution. After all, the DIY approach will give you a chance to really customize it and make it your own, which will feel a lot better than shelling out big bucks for something that isn't exactly right!