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Genius Hack Makes Getting Rid of Unwanted Garden Insects Easier Than Ever

You probably already have all the ingredients.

We love that the warmer months means we can spend more time outside catering to our gardens. There’s nothing better than to ease our minds while tending to our blooming flowers and budding herbs. However, the bane of our existence when it comes to caring for our lush gardens is when we have unwanted guests pestering around our gardens. Sure, you can use decoys to trick some of the critters but what about gnats, no-see-ums and other pesky insects?

Farmer and TikTok user @aprilsunrisefarm has the perfect solution for this problem. Literally. She shares a DIY solution made up of one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water that gets rid of bugs at all ages from eggs to full-blown adult insects.


We’re blown away with how simple and effective this organic solution is! And her followers are, too! “Great advice! Thank you!” one commented wrote. “It’s awesome for the soil too for the little fly mites that are in it. Love this.” another viewer commented. TikTok user @garden_nan wrote “You always give amazing advice!” And TikTok follower @retired_vetmom echoed many others writing “I learn so much for you.”

It’s important to use this mixture sparingly and only when you know there are bugs on the plant because it will not only kill the bugs and bad bacteria, but it can also kill the good bacteria. Noted. We're excited to try this genius hack on our plants!