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Woman Makes DIY Planter With Giant Exercise Ball

And wow does it look good.
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Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Corn Plant, oh my! The thing all these house plants have in common is that they are massive, and if bought small, they grow massive relatively quickly at that. What comes with massive plants? Massive pots that they need to be planted in, and unless you are one of the few ‘lucky ducks’ in the world to have stumbled upon a stellar deal on a giant house plant pot then you ought to know that large pots come at a steeeeep price.

Most of us have spent so much time achieving the perfect aesthetic of our homes and the cheapest option the market- often picked over large plastic tubs- don’t necessarily match that aesthetic.

 Interior design hero and TikTok content creator @erenatepaa posted a video of an easy DIY planter that is large, in charge, and totally knocks any purchased pot out of the water.

To make this modern meets artistic pot, the woman uses one simple thing for the shape, a giant exercise ball- which could be thrifted for pretty cheap.

With the exercise ball fully inflated the woman first coats the ball in oil- cooking oil such as olive or vegetable will work great- and applies a layer of mixed concrete, on the dryer side, with fiberglass tape, to help it hold its structure. Working around the ball in even layers she keeps adding the two ingredients until the thickness of the pot is achieved.

The woman lets the pot completely dry and then pops the air plug on the ball, deflating it and making it easier to remove.

One the ball has been removed she hot glues an accent rope around the pot- which is optional- and adds a sturdy base with some more cement plastered on the bottom. And over the rope to create a funky texture.

Simple as that she crafted the coolest, the simplest, and the cheapest, large planter we've ever seen.

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