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Kid-Friendly DIY Glow In the Dark Vase Is Perfect for Littles Who Are Scared of the Dark

So cute and comforting

With our kids, we expect certain behaviors or milestones as they become older. We expect them to go through their “independence” stage, where they believe they can do everything on their own, just as much as we expect them to throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go their way. And in between those growing pains, as they start to sleep on their own, we also expect them to become afraid of the dark.

Night lights are a great option to help combat that fear, but if you want to switch things up a bit and give your kids something more fun to look towards when the dark is too frightening for them, then this super cute and colorful DIY from TikTok “goth mom” @geekygothicgamergirl is the perfect solution!


These vases are so adorable and creative! And because these glow in the dark rocks are so vibrant, we have no doubt these DIY glow in the dark flower vases will help solve the her little sleep better through the night. We especially love that this DIY is an easy and fun activity to do with your kids to help teach them independence while also empowering them to work through their fear of the dark. It’s such a great idea! This DIY was a hit amongst the people in the comments. One follower even offered a great suggestion to make this DIY even better. “This is so cool!!! Also there is glow in the dark paint you can paint the petals on random flowers, love this!!!” @kimbersfilter commented.

If you’re little has a hard time sleeping at night, give this simple and cute DIY a try!

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