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Woman Keeps Green House Warm On Chilly Nights With DIY Heater Hack

When those chilly spring nights sneak up on you, this is going to come in clutch.

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There is nothing better than watching the temperature creep up as the spring months draw nearer. Suddenly the world seems a little more bright, as you bask in the sun without a sweater and take long walks comfortably. For anyone who loves to garden, spring time = work time, and often times we get a little over zealous with our planting and get everything together during these wild weather months.

The frustrating thing about spring is that the warm weather is very fickle. One day it is dang near balmy while other spring days reach a "high" in the '40s. To protect all of your plant babies through these weird weather months, if you happen to have a greenhouse, there is a way to keep them warm without a space heater. 


All this gardener does is place some tea lights on a baking sheet and position three red bricks around them. She then takes a terracotta pot with drainage holes in them and places it on top of the brick over the candles. There is enough airway to keep the candles from snuffing out and since the terracotta is absorbent so the heat radiates through it, causing to space to heat up in turn as well.

This nifty little hack could also get you through a chilly camp out night, or even serve as an outdoor space heater for nights out on the deck. Whatever you do, just be sure to place it in a safe location.