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Woman Follows Her Gut and Makes Under Breakfast-Bar Storage Everyone Told Her Not to Make

Good thing she didn’t listen.

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If you are anything like me then you have probably gone into your kitchen and found a severe lack of storage space! You could have tons of counter space and maybe even some cupboards and cabinets, but is it ever truly enough? (No, not really!) So what do you do to make sure you have all the storage space that you need while also making sure that it looks good too?

Well, if you’re anything like DIY’er Emily then you went against what everyone around you was telling you not to do, followed your gut, and created the perfect kitchen storage space that worked for you and your family!


Let me start off by saying that Emily has a massive bar area - nearly nine feet of space that has been, well, not used the way it could be! Sure a ton of people could sit down and eat at once, but Emily also complains that there is a distinct lack of storage space in the area as well. So even though multiple people told her not to do anything about it, she decided to bust out her handy-person skills and get to work.

She starts by cutting down some plywood using her outdoor bench, making sure that she has enough to finish the complete project, then paints everything so she doesn’t have to do so later. The next step is creating the base ‘box’ to support the overhead weight, then stripping off all of the base board and putting the box in place.

Over the rest of the video, Emily creates the framework for her new multi-level storage space, nails and caulks everything into place, then puts on the finishing touches with paint and clean up. The end result is a beautiful space that made room for so much storage without having something that stands out unusually from the rest of the kitchen!

I, for one, call that an absolute win-win!

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