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Man Makes DIY Gym Weights for $2

This might actually make us want to start working out?
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It’s almost the new year and along with that comes new year resolutions… stop swearing, give up eating meat, focus on not getting so angry, budget better and control spending habits, and perhaps the most popular start a diet and join a gym.

A lot of folks who choose the diet and gym new year resolution stick with it for some time, but life gets in the way. Work becomes the focus, family events happen, it's too cold to get in the car and drive, you can't find time in the day, whatever it is the gym starts getting further and further away and soon enough you are maybe an insane amount a month in gym membership fees for a place you aren’t even going to any longer.

This year consider an at home gym so you can work out when you want with the convenience of being at your own house. TikToker @veniceweights posted an awesome video, going above and beyond to save a buck and create their own DIY weights for their home gym.. And pst… they only cost $2.

These turned out so awesome! To make the weights the man first starts out with molds of typical weights, he mixes concrete and pours it in the molds. Once dried he removes the molds, cleans up his freshly poured weights and pounds the tin layer of concrete out of the center of the weight. He then attaches the weights onto a weight bar and is ready to start lifting!

This is genius and slightly makes us wanna start lifting weights.

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