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This Woman Shares a Fun DIY Project Combining Disco and Halloween

Skulls don’t have to be scary.

It's the season of the witch, as the Donovans would sing, but just because it is almost Halloween, decorations don't have to be scary. They can be cute and fun like this one TikToker demonstrated with a DIY Halloween garland.

Another way to create fun but less spooky Halloween decor is by bedazzling scary props, such as TikTok creator Katie Mack (@candycoloredhome) did, as she shows us in her video. 


Skulls never looked that fun and glam. So cute! And the best part is, it is pretty easy to do. All you need is a plain skull - doesn't really matter which material it is - although Katie used a styrofoam skull from the Dollar Tree. The next thing you need is mirrored peel and stick tiles, which you can find at Amazon or Michaels, and that's it. It took her about half an hour to complete this DIY project, so that means you could actually knock out a bunch. It looks like it is quite relaxing and probably the easiest Halloween DIY decoration project we've seen. As you can see in the video, the tiles are pretty flexible, which means you can add them in any direction and peel off bigger sections or smaller ones, like around the eye sockets. What would look pretty cool is to attach a bunch of them to the ceiling with an invisible cord, so it looks like they are floating. Or place them on a shelf surrounded by candles. You could also bedazzle a skull with some rhinestones, to make it look fancy. 

Halloween-glam will become a new category it seems.