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Woman Creates Hand Molds That Make Amazing Home Decor

Need some fun and funky decor? You have to check this out!
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Mold castings are such a fun idea to create memorable items that can be cherished by lovers, family, or friends. Many choose to purchase mold casting kits where you mix a solution, dip your hands, trinkets, dog paws, or baby’s foot into the mixture, let it dry and pour your stone mixture inside the freshly crafted mold.

TikTok content creator and DIY crafter @angelsign_ took mold castings to the next level and created hand castings that make the coolest funky home decor that would be perfect to keep or gift!

The woman first mixes the material to make the mold casting, once the silicone sets she dips her hands in the mixture, one hand making a cupped fist and the other hand having her thumb and pointer finger touching and the others sticking up straight. She pours in the stone setting mixture, lets it dry and peels the molding off. A quick buff of imperfections and the woman sets her hands molds up for display.

The hand with the two fingers touching holds a long thin insect stick and the other hand that is cupped acts as the tray that catches the incense dust. This is one of the coolest, funky, and unique decor ideas we have ever seen!

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