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This Simple DIY House Warming Gift Is Better Than Anything You Could Get at a Big Box Store

It’s pretty and personal.

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Nothing is probably more appreciated than homemade gifts that come from the heart, such as these ceramic mugs with positive affirmations. However, the same goes for housewarming gifts.

TikTok account @c.ramicacuu shares her way of giving someone a customized and personal housewarming gift. Maybe we can learn something new!

Such a cute idea for a housewarming gift! If you were the one to receive this, you could totally hang this outside on your door, to let everyone know you are now a proud house owner!

Clay is just the way to go, as you can make so many different things with it.

All you need is ceramic- or air-dry clay, a box cutter, letter- and number stamps - or a wooden stick - some ribbon, and some string. 

You could also dip it in some color.

When it comes to ceramics, they usually have to be fired and glazed, however, some ceramics can also be air-dried. It depends on the type of clay that is being used. 

Air-dry clay is often the easiest to use since it doesn't require a specific oven to fire and glaze it. 

With the more than 300K likes the video received, it is fair to say that TikTok also liked this idea. Although some people thought this was made out of cookie dough, not clay. I can see why this is confusing. All it needs is some icing - just kidding.

Since it's made out of clay, one person commented,

"I love this so much but I can't help but cringe, thinking about the sound it made when it slid off each other."

Ouch! Yes, it might be a little harsh to hear - but still cute.

Apparently, this is a Christmas ornament, according to a TikToker who bought something similar at Target. Even better and more fitting for the season! 

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