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DIY Those Trendy Knot Pillows For Half the Price

This project has so much potential.

Have you ever seen something in the store, some piece of decor that would fit perfectly in your living room or bedroom, but you don’t want to spend the high prices to get said decor? What about something like those trendy knotted pillows that we see all over Instagram, cute and functional but a little bit more expensive than you are willing to spend?

Never fear; we’ve got you covered!


Or well, Elnaz Hamai has you covered! This creator saw the same thing we did, those same gorgeous knotted pillows, but decided to make her own for cheap instead of simply buying them!

Elnaz starts off by heading out and buying a square yarn blanket, which you can likely find at a local dollar or thrift store. Lay the square out, then start rolling one edge (hot dog end) until you reach the middle. Repeat this step on the other side until both rolled ends now meet. Then follow the knotting process that Elnaz goes over step by step in her video, making sure that you are leaving enough space to pull through the various sections and not pulling the entire knot tight until you reach the end.

A few more tucks and folding, and voila - you will have a DIY knot pillow worthy of any insta-photo. Best of all, if you get thrifted or cheaper pieces, you can make many more pillows yourself than you’d be able to purchase at the store. You can also choose to do them in various sizes and colors, really making it your own in a way that you couldn’t with off-the-shelf pillows.