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Create a Year's Worth of Detergent For Only $15

...and it only takes a few minutes to make.

With inflation happening across the country, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are looking for ways to save money. We’ve seen people successfully start gardens to grow their own produce and do their own home DIY projects as a way to scale back on spending. And thankfully, it seems the tips and hacks are endless.

One of the latest hacks we came across on is courtesy of TikTok user @lcmamacl shares this amazing laundry detergent hack that can easily save a household hundreds of dollars!


This is such a great hack! We love that the ingredients are both simple and inexpensive and it only takes roughly 20 minutes to make. What a win! The dollar store container she put the detergent in was adorable, too. What was really interesting, is she only reached for a tablespoon of the detergent and said she’s ready to start her laundry and apparently that’s all you need! While we were impressed with the simple DIY, the comment section was mixed regarding their own experiences. “I’ve been doing this for years!! So much better for sensitive skin as well!” @madilyn.mains wrote. “My son has eczema and this is what we use,” @sammytoejammy wrote. However, others in the comments felt different about this homemade detergent. “I found this faded our clothes and didn't do a good job on hubby's nasty work clothes due to not having enzymes to break down tough grime,” @haggardmom commented. “This is awful for your washing machine and clothes. Just an fyi,” @becca_bo0042.

Whether or not you choose to try this laundry DIY, you have to appreciate her attempt at saving money in today’s difficult times.