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Video Of Woman's Insanely Cool DIY Lego Coffee Table Will Have You Running to Amazon

TikToker @urbanpinesco had a vision and really made it come to life! This is perfect for a quirky living room or kid's playroom.

Don't you just love it when someone creates something so simple yet so cool you just have to try it? That's exactly how we feel whenever we items used in creative and unique ways. Like when a TV stand converts to a day bed or when we a shelf unit transforms into a craft table. Or like this incredible table crafter and entrepreneur Tori Stanger who transformed Lego shaped containers into this really cool and functional coffee table.


It's so simple it is pure genius. All she did was purchase storage boxes that are hard plastic and shaped like a giant Lego. Because they are actually stackable, there was no real building involved. She simply clamped them together and called it a day. 

And frankly, it looks super cool. It is totally customizable to your space's theme, color and size. Use pillows or a colorful rug to make everything bounce off of each other, and boom your have a good statement piece that could cost you under $250.