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DIY Light Up Vases Completely Change the Ambiance of the Room

We need these.

What TikTok has taught many DIYers, is that there is another world out there and the opportunities to build something yourself are endless, to say the least. Most importantly, all you really need are two things; Home Depot and Amazon. The most challenging part of DIYers is probably lighting, as hard wiring can be tricky. But there is a solution for that; rechargeable LED lights, like this Magic Bulb from Amazon. 

DIY queen and TikToker Julie Sousa (@the_avantgarde) came up with an even better idea when it comes to lighting, as she demonstrates in her video. 


It looks like something West Elm would sell. So pretty! And although Julie had leftover material laying around from some previous projects, the material used can easily be bought at Home Depot or Lowe's. All you need to create those light vases are some wood planks that are bendable, and some piece of wood, that is round. If you don't have round wood you can have it cut that way at Home Depot. And last but not least, you would need some battery-operated LED lights with a remote, which are available on Amazon. As shown in the video, Julia glues the wood planks on the round piece of wood with wood glue, drills the light into that one, and secures it with screws. That's pretty much it. Super simple. She does stain the wood with wood stain prior, to make it a little darker but you can also just paint it in a different color if you prefer. 

This little project definitely adds a homey ambiance to this area of Julie's home. We are totally feeling the vibe!