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West Coast Couple Created a Living Roof and It's Spectacular

The view is gorgeous!

One of the coolest things about moving into your own home is you can do whatever you want to it. For some homeowners, upgrading the outside walkway or backyard fence is more than enough to satisfy the need to upgrade their home, but for others, more is better.

While “more” is subjective, I think we can all agree that creating an entire living space on your home’s roof is definitely “more,” and after seeing this west coast couple do this on their property, we’re definitely here for it!


In the video, TikTok content creator @sara_underwood, her boyfriend, Jacob, and their families got the ball rolling with this project by using a couple of Lowe’s blue buckets to transfer a huge dirt pile from the ground to the ceiling to help create this living room on top of the desert cabin. In addition to the dirt, the couple used chicken wire, rocks, plants and a cute bistro dining set to complete the unique desert oasis.

With over one million viewsand hundreds of comments this video has received, we’re not the only ones who love how cute and over-the-top this living roof is (pun absolutely intended)!