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Girl’s Boyfriend Designs Loft Bed From Scratch for NYC Studio Apt

Looks better than from a furniture store.

If you live in New York City or have visited friends there, you know NYC's apartments can run pretty small, especially studio apartments. Some don't even have a bathroom but share it with other tenants in the hallway. However, you can totally turn a studio apartment into a cute and homey sanctuary, as this girl did with her 200sq-ft apartment.

If you don't have that much space and the layout of your studio is a bit narrow but with a tall ceiling, you'd have to improvise to make it practical and spacious. The boyfriend of  TikToker @jerushacavazos had the masterplan for their studio apartment, as she shares in her video.


First of all, their studio apartment looks so cute! Although tiny, they made it work, as you can see here. That loft bed turned out great! You would never find something like that at IKEA. Besides, it is always fun to create something from scratch. You don't even need to be a carpenter, all you need is some inspiration, measurements, some wood, and some help, as assembling this alone will be a bit challenging. Once you have the measurements, you can get the wood at Home Depot, as well as the screws to connect the pieces. You would probably also need a drill. But that's it. You could also give the wood a paint job or wood stain if you have a theme in your apartment, such as lighter or darker furniture. That way everything is in sync. 

This loft bed could also work with lower ceilings, except it won't be as high, but you could still fit a desk under it, for example.