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TikTok Is Obsessed With These DIY Mossy Frames That Are Super Easy to Make

Add a touch of greenery to your decor with this simple DIY.

Adding a pop of green to your home is always a good idea. After all, it’s a quick way to spruce up your space and can easily bring life into any room, even if you lack a green thumb and rather purchase artificial plants. What’s even better, plants - whether artificial or real - typically don’t put a big dent in your wallet.

TikToker @beingtheblooms, who refers to herself as the “Lazy DIY Mom," proved the aforementioned to be true when she uploaded a quick video detailing how she created an easy DIY mossy frame.


Taking a gold backless frame, the DIYer hot glued a black foam board after trimming it to fit the frame, then proceeded to hot glue the broken flower foam onto the top left and bottom right corners of the black foam board. Next, she pinned the artificial flowers and succulents into the foam before using Mod Podge to glue the moss down onto the remainder of the board.

One of the best things about this easy-to-do DIY, is you can be as artistic as you’d like! If you’re throwing an event such as a bridal or baby shower, you can opt to use real moss and succulents to give more of an authentic feel. Or if you’ve been holding onto old, thrifted picture frames that have been taking up space in your closet - bring them out, dust them off and get creative!

TikTok user @Kattnip said “How did the universe know I had frames I didn’t know what to do with…”

We’re wondering the same thing!