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This Last Minute DIY Mushroom Garland Is Perfect For the Thanksgiving Holiday

This is brilliant!

Remember how popular mushrooms were over the summer? All across TikTok, people were showcasing their love of mushrooms by making plant accessories, lamps and some pretty cool unique artwork. Well, that love for mushrooms still hasn’t let up considering TikTokers are still doing pretty creative things to express their love of the unique-looking plant such as creating mushroom decals to make it look like wallpaper and even a mushroom wedding bouquet.

Continuing on our streak of finding the coolest mushroom DIYs, we recently came across TikTok content creator @rosemaryfairy's mushroom DIY garland and we must admit, this DIY is not only cute, but it’s quite easy to do and is perfect for last minute Thanksgiving décor!

To make these cute DIY mushrooms, she started off by using hot glue to create discs that she will use as the mushroom caps. She lets them fully dry before adding a drop of hot glue these vintage clothes pin that she purchased from a thrift store (you can use regular clothes pin or sticks, but if you want to go for a more unique look, the vintage clothes pins are great choice). Next, she places the entire DIY into some shot glasses to give each mushroom cap a "cup shape" look and at this point, you’ll add a little bit more hot glue to the DIY, allow them to dry completely before popping them out of the shot glasses and either keep the DIY mushrooms as-is or spray paint them a copper color like she did with hers (tbh, either way is so cute!). Finally, she clipped the mushrooms onto her garland and it easily elevated it into a more forest fairy-tale vibe that we absolutely love!

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