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This DIY Non-Toxic Laundry Softener Is Made of One Staple Ingredient

Pst… you probably already have it in your home!
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We all have our laundry methods, its almost like a special church. We have our pre wash soaps held in elegant glass bottle, our scent booster organized in cereal dispenser bins, our main wash powder detergent placed in a square clear plastic bin with a metal scoop, fabric softeners that are so pricey and barley fill up a tiny glass jar, and our dryer sheets that dispense out of a plastic tissue box.

Back to the fabric softener, we all know it's a luxury to have in our laundry rooms but for such a small plastic container it costs a fortune!

TikTok and home hack creator @carolina.mccauley brought us her simple fabric softener that you can make for pennies on the dollar with only one ingredient, that…. Pst…. is probably already in your home.

The woman says instead of buying expensive fabric softeners to just add a bit of white vinegar to your washing load. Not only does it soften fabrics it loosens soap build up, and removes trains from clothes.

Talk about feeding two birds with one scone! We love a good laundry hack and this one goes above and beyond that, being inexpensive, easy, and eco-friendly.

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