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Wife Surprises Husband With Epic Office Remodel

He was shocked

We all love good surprises. As wives, we love when our spouse surprises us with “just because” flowers or does sweet and thoughtful gestures such as planning a date night without asking “so, what do you want to do?”

While we enjoy being surprised with some of our favorite things, our husbands do as well. They may not mention it often, so when you take notice and are able to surprise them, their reaction makes the entire experience worth it.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator, Sarah Blackbourn of @bourntocreate. She successfully surprised her husband by creating an epic home office for him!


In the video, the wood artist began the makeover by painting an accent wall with a muted olive green color. Next, she used her wood-working skills to build his desk and shelves. After spending two weeks doing the difficult work of building, sanding and designing the office, she finally finished and it looked amazing!

Naturally, the comment section was impressed by this remarkable remodel, but the best reaction to the reveal was her husband’s. He was completely stunned by the fact that his wife did this while he was traveling for work and appeared to be even more in love with his creative wife’s interior design skills as well.

We don’t blame him. This was such a sweet surprise