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Mom DIYs No-Sew Outdoor Pillows From Discount Walmart Materials and  They're Perfect

Don't ever question a mom with a hot glue gun.

Moms inarguably make daily sacrifices for their families. Some are the big ones, like postponing a career or even work several jobs to stay afloat. Others are small, like letting their kids have the last piece of cakes or going without a hoodie on a chilly day because their kid insisted it wasn't cold out.  One of the universal things moms sacrifice is their home. And by that, we obviously mean the cute decor options that they know kids (and dogs and partners) will destroy with their sticky hands and muddy feet. 

That's how inspiration struck for mom and DIYer Laken, who when upon stumbling across a vinyl outdoor table cloth in the discount bin, she jumped at the chance to make her outdoor space cute and kiddo-proof. 


After swiping a under $4 vinyl tablecloth from Walmart's discount bin, she sets to work on measuring out a stencil to cut out that will fit her more indoor friendly pillows, She then hot glues the seams except for the bottom, with the pattern on the inside. Once it dries, she flips it inside out, slides the pillow in and hot glues the final seam to seal it. Then she has comfy, easy to wipe and sanitize outdoor pillows. She even had enough left over to make a matching door hanger decoration. 

This mama isn't going to let a messy family cramp her style and we are totally here for it!