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Man DIYs a Flawless Dupe of $3,000 Padma Pedestal Table for Under $350

His step-by-step guide is actually pretty easy.

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Sticker-shock ought to be an old hat thing in 2022, but we regularly experience it. With inflation rapidly climbing, it seems like the prices of things are getting even more out of hand. The next best thing we can do is try to recreate it ourselves, so even the most inexperienced crafters are making an effort to try and do it themselves. The good news is, a lot of times, it actually pays off!

New apartment renter Jacob Zander was practically salivating over this $3,000 Padma Pedestal table but knew there was no way he'd be able to afford it. So he decided to roll up his sleeves and head to Lowe's to grab all the material.



Though it took a few rounds of trial and error, he ultimately was able to pull it off. We love how his version is perfectly sized for his place, and now he has a gorgeous piece he can boast he did all by himself

Followers were obsessed with this dupe, and a lot of people said they were inspired to try making their own. What's even cooler is he pulled together an even more in-depth video if you are one of the folks who is thinking they can easily tackle this project too.

Zander says he is now on a mission to see if he can recreate other pieces for half the price, and got a few recommendations from his followers for new projects. We know we'll be following along to see what he makes!