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This Custom Painted Swimming Pool Is Total Summer Goals

The vibes are immaculate

Today is the official first day of summer and what better way to welcome it then by making a big splash in the swimming pool? Well, figuratively speaking, that’s what TikTok user @weverp_ did with this awesome pool makeover featuring giant splashes of color!

Weaverson Ponte and his girlfriend hand painted the pool over a course of four days and the end result was definitely worth it. This has to be the coolest pool we’ve seen!


Okay, how amazing this pool?! The colors and the designs are so cool! We’re amazed at the intricate colorful work of art and love how it looks filled with water. Seriously, it’s giving the grooviest vibes. With almost one million views, it’s not shocking to see many people in the comments enthralled with this custom painted pool. “Finally, a pool that is not your typical blue! Thank you for your creativity!!” TikTok user @colorsoftheocean wrote. “This is absolutely amazing,” another TikTok user @rubyfloraplantshop commented. “Wow!!! Wasn’t expecting that,” @diydesignerduo shared. This is like a pool you’d dream about as a kid that you’d fill with pudding or something. SO DOPE,” @lauraleel wrote.

We love how he and his girlfriend painted the words “Life is joy” in the middle of the pool. It can serve as a little reminder while swimming to find the happiness in life. We don't know which one to be more impressed with; the design, or the fact that they painted this themselves. How about both, TBH?! They did an amazing job with this project.

Now, can one get an invite to the next pool party? Asking for a friend.