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Woman Uses Paper Towel Roll To Create Beautiful Fall Decor

You’d never know this was essentially a recycling project.

Decorations for whatever season or event don't have to be expensive to look cute. You can easily get what you need from the Dollar Tree, as this DIYer did with this princess centerpiece. However, there are even easier ways. Let me show you!

Since fall has finally approached, TikTok creator Sana (@apieceofmyglamhome) decided to create an earthy fall decoration, as she shows in her video.


Would you look at this? It doesn't even look like it was a DIY project but looks like she bought it at Target. To recreate this, you would only need a few things. A paper towel holder, an empty paper towel roll, burlap ribbon, or a similar type of ribbon, four maple stems, and beige moss. That simple. As Sana demonstrates in her video, you would stack the paper towel holder with the paper towel roll, and wrap the ribbon around it to create some texture, resembling tree bark. Then you stuff the roll with the maple stems and the entire piece in a planter or tall vase, followed by adding the moss around it and your DIY is pretty much done. The best part is, no messy glue or staplers are being used. Sana also added some decorative pumpkins around it. It certainly steals the show. 

If you want to customize this, you can also add some color to it or use different leaves.