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This DIY Dome Pendant Light Is Your Next Must-Try

A $2000 light shade for $50? Yes please!

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We have often found ourselves browsing online, looking for different design inspirations or maybe something new to add to our houses. Maybe a new couch that would look great in our room, or brand new paint color for our walls.

But occasionally we come across something that we absolutely love, but unfortunately is just a bit (or a lot) out of our price range!


Julie Sousa of the AvantGarde channel on TikTok is a Boston woman who has been DIYing everything in her new condo. A lot of that includes looking for great inspirational pieces online, then recreating them for her (or a friend’s) home. Case in point when she recently came across an almost two thousand dollar light fixture, a dome pendant, and decided that she’d just make it herself instead!

So, after a quick trip to her local big box store for a few supplies, Julie got to work. The main base of the new pendant light is actually a clear serving bowl with a little bit of pattern to the glass. Julie cuts, or rather melts, a hole right through the center to hang the cord and light from before spray painting the inside a lovely gold.

Jule then spackles the entire outside of the bowl to give it some texture and a different ‘look’ on the outside before going back to the inside and giving it a good rub and buff so that the gold is a bit more distressed and ‘aged’ looking. She goes back to the outside once more and uses a wet sponge to smooth that spackle, then sanded it down the following day.

The final look, both in Julie’s room as well as its final home in her friend’s house, is gorgeous and, dare we say it, almost better than the original. Honestly, it is just yet more proof that as good, and expensive, as something looks on the internet, you could probably do something just as good-looking yourself for far cheaper!