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Woman Makes Adorable Planner Out Of a Dollar Store Calendar and Old VHS Tape Cover

Disney fans will love this.

If you’re a child that grew up in the ‘90s, then you likely remember and may still have your childhood VHS collection. We know you may not find a use of your VHS tapes these days since VCRs are a thing of the past that today’s kids will never know about, but in the event you’d like to take a trip down memory lane and revisit your childhood through art and your favorite VHS tapes, this idea from TikTok content creator @dream_it_craft is perfect for you!

This DIY planner and organizer is too cool! All she did to create this DIY project was remove the VHS cover from its’ original packaging and shaped it in the form of a book. Next, she glued decorative scrapbook paper to the backing of the VHS cover and cut a notch in the middle of the edge of the scrapbook paper to create a slot to add the calendar. Afterwards, she sanded and applied glue to the edges of the DIY planner before creating a slot for the memo pad she added to the back of the planner. Finally, she removed the original casing of the planner/calendar she purchased from the Dollar Tree and decorated it in the same decorative scrapbook paper she used earlier before sliding it into the slot and hot gluing an elastic band to the middle of the DIY project to have a slot to hold a pen.

Just think of all the nostalgic movie covers many fans — especially Disney fans — can use to create their own planners to keep for themselves or give away as gifts! We love this creative idea!

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