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Make This Easy DIY Hanging Plant Holder With Some Sticks and Glue (Literally)

This is surprisingly cute

Back in the day as kids, we’d turn just about anything we’d get our hands on into some form of entertainment. Sticks, rocks and dirt were usually tried-and-true natural tools to activate a curious kid’s imagination and as we got older and started school, those same basic and started doing art and science projects, those same tools were used to help form our art and science projects whether we were building bird houses or volcanoes. Now as adults, we’re practically using some of the same exact tools as home decor.

With the exception of dirt, which we typically try to steer clear away from, rocks are used to decorate our garden and as for sticks, well, we didn’t really know sticks could be used as decor in our homes until we saw this beautiful hanging plant holder DIY from TikTok creative @tiantian1902. After seeing this, we definitely want these in our homes!


These plant holders are so beautiful! They’re perfect for a person who loves bohemian decor or for a person who enjoys nature and loves the outdoors. We especially love that this DIY is not only easy and fun to create using glue, but it also gives us the opportunity to repurpose plastic bottles. The comments section are just as impressed with these beautiful plant holders as we are. “Now that’s cute,” @marriedtoavery wrote. “So creative, love it,” @furinnofurniture commented.

“Super cute, I love them,”@kamedrano187 commented. “That is so cool!” @goomba61wrote.

Seriously, we’ve never been so excited to collect sticks and actually bring them inside of our homes!