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Woman Shares Gorgeous DIY Plant Wall Everyone Is Going to Want to Steal

We’ve grown to love it…

Thanks to social media, we’re always looking to enhance our pictures to make them more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to having good lighting (the golden hour is prime time!) and choosing the right outfit, having the perfect background is key.

Plant walls have understandably become increasingly popular in the past few years. Not only are they gorgeous and extremely customizable, but they’re also easy to do! Just take a look at the video from TikTok content creator Julie Sousa of @the_avantgarde. Her DIY plant wall is breathtaking and practically effortless to do!


In the video, she simple cuts some turf and drilled it into her bathroom wall. Next, she stapled the chicken wire onto the turf which was installed to help keep the plants in place. Afterwards, using wire cutters, she cut the chicken wire to fit around her vanity and proceeded to cut the faux plant stems and placed them onto the DIY wall. Finally, we’re shown the completed look of the plant wall and it’s stunning!

And of course, some viewers in the comment section agreed. ”I added you because of this wall! I'm in Love,” @shellycowan3 wrote. “Such an amazing way to bring plants and nature indoors, in areas with low light! Love the creativity,” commented. “Still obsessed with how this came out,” @forkingwitharmani shared.

There are, however, some people in the comment section that are afraid of the dust that this DIY plant wall will attract. But, thankfully, she shared a video showing how she easily handles that problem and keeps the plant wall looking fresh.

While we understand wanting to avoid having dust in your home, we can’t help but marvel at this stunning plant wall