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California Woman Defends Her Bathroom Plant Wall

For all the concerned trolls: Listen Up.

As much as we love when content creators share their DIY projects, we can understand when some of them tend to shy away from sharing so much simply because of the trolls on the internet.

It takes a lot for content creators to create their work and sometimes, it takes even more mental work to put themselves and their projects out for the world to see and when they do, the last thing anyone wants is to have someone critique every little thing.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator, @nestbyjess. Last month, she uploaded a video to her account showing us how to easily install a plant wall, and while some of us were in awe over the beautiful DIY, others disagreed and weren’t afraid to let her know their thoughts.


In the video, she posted a negative comment that read “Just wait for the black mold to grow in a few days.” Well, rather than ignoring the negative comments, Jess decided she had time that day and made a response video to the naysayers and internet trolls by letting them know why and how this DIY plant wall is actually perfect in her bathroom. 

Aside from the DIY being up for a few months, the plant wall is by the bathtub which has a huge window that is surrounded by the plant wall and additionally, the bathroom has another window in the shower. Also, the content creator mentioned that because she lives in Joshua Tree, Calif., which is a relatively dry area given that it’s in the desert, that’s another reason she doesn’t have to be concerned with mold. If that’s not enough, the plant panels that she used for the DIY wall are breathable, which is perfect for the setup she created.

We love the plant wall and think she did a fabulous job installing it, but can we all simply live by the old adage that if we don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?