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Family’s ‘Hillbilly’ Pool Looks Like So Much Fun

You don’t have to be rich to have a good time…

Some of the best memories don’t involve going to fancy restaurants or spending thousand of dollars going on tropical vacations. Although both of those are nice to experience, happiness doesn’t always necessarily mean you have to spend so much money to attain it.

While some of us may already know this, we’re all humans and sometimes experience moments when we forget the simple things in life, but thankfully TikTok user @lilacandloops recently uploaded a video that serves as a perfect reminder that the little things in life —such as digging a huge hole in your yard to make a ‘hillbilly’ pool so you can laugh and make memories with your loved ones — truly is all that matters.


All it took was combined family effort to dig a giant hole in the yard, an even bigger piece of tarp and an abundance amount of water to create this ‘hillbilly’ pool and we’re loving it. It’s big and deep enough for the family to jump and slide into the water, use their floaties and most importantly, create memories that they can always happily remember and reflect on.

While this may not be everyone’s style, we love the this family know how to have fun with each other and the comment section does, as well. “Normalize this type of family fun,” @maureen.egan wrote. “I fail to see any issues here. I LOVE IT!!” @fknweirdo555 commented. “Looks fun and that’s what counts,” @70.s.girl wrote.

Whether it’s digging a hole to make a ‘hillbilly’ pool or building a pool out of an old trampoline, keeping cool while creating memories with your loved ones during an unbelievably hot summer is perfect.