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Woman Dupes Pottery Barn Built-In Shelves For Half the Price

She DID that.

Buying furniture can be quite expensive, especially at places like Pottery Barn. Since inflation has wreaked havoc on all of us, many families tend to DIY projects to recreate their favorite store furniture, such as this Pottery Barn dupe

This super mom and TikToker Emily (@breezingthroughblog) took her idea of a Pottery Barn bookshelf dupe to a whole other level, as she explains in her step-by-step video.


This is just wow! And quite inspiring. Not only did Emily design this bookshelf the way she envisioned it, but she also executed it from start to finish. Even installing it in her daughter's room. We get it, it looks a bit intimidating, especially if you don't have all the tools or a garage to put this piece together. However, it is still doable to recreate something like this by yourself. The first and most important step is measurements, so when you buy the material you know exactly what will fit. 

As you can see in the video, Emily used leftover wood from another project and glued same-size parts together to create the frame and shelves, as well as cubbies and boxes for the bench. What she used was wood glue, a drill, and some screws. The next step involved installing it in her daughter's room, which required her to remove the trimming and the carpet, so it gives it more of a built-in appearance. As she was putting the shelves together, she also added some trim. And lastly, she finished the project with two coats of primer, some sanding in between with 220-grit, and a touch of color in a gloss or semi-gloss paint. For her daughter's bookshelf, Emily used the color Valentine Memories by Benjamin Moore, as it compliments her daughter's bathroom.

We think it looks even better than furniture from a store!