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Woman Makes Adorable Planter Out of Recycled Water Jugs and Twine

You’d never guess it came from trash!

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You’ve heard the saying before: “Another person’s trash, is another person’s treasure,” and after seeing this cute DIY video (amongst countless other upcycle and recycle videos across social media) from TikTok content creator @plantsgardening789, we’re convinced this saying still rings true.

Rather than trash these used water jugs, she ended up making an adorable planter and we’re so impressed with how well it turned out!


To create this cute planter, she cut the top halves of two water jugs and removed the mouth from one. Like a puzzle, she fit the two jugs into each other and starting at the mouth area, she began to glue twine onto the entire DIY planter. Afterwards, she added a decorative piece of twine to the top of the plant and used a permanent marker to draw a face onto the twine before tying a cute leafy green piece of string around “neck” of the planter.

Unsurprisingly, her followers and viewers love this simple and adorable planter and we don’t blame them! We’re amazed by how easy this appears to be if you want to DIY it and how beautiful it is! Similar planters can easily cost at least $50 depending on a few factors including material and where you love; however, you can easily make this yourself and save quite a bit of money in the process.