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These DIY Reusable Ice Packs Are Perfect for Moms!

Better than a bag of frozen peas.
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“Ow” “AHHH” “*loud crying sounds” theses are all too familiar to moms of rambunctious kiddos. Running to you with a bloody knee, limping from a hurt hip, holding their wrist with tears running out of their eyes, or scaring you with an unusually large bump already formed on their head after you heard the loud thud coming from the fort built in the living room.

Let's face it kids are pretty reckless, they often do things their friends or siblings dare them to, things they wouldn't do if you were watching, and often 10 out of 10 times end up hurting themselves. We all have a bag of peas on hand ready to hand over any time of day to soothe a hurt body part. Bags of peas are hard to beat but TikTok channel has a genius DIY ice pack that we think will blow any frozen pea bag out of the water.

To make the ice pack the woman starts with a bowl of water, she plops a sponge in the bowl and waits until it has fully absorbed water. Once the sponge is filled to its max with water the woman places the individual sponge in a ziplock bag, she repeats with a few more, soaking and then adding the sponges to their own bags. She places them in the freezer and next time her kids need an ice pack she grabs the sponge bag out and hands it to her kid!

This is genius as sponges are soft and light, even when filled with frozen water, making it an ideal ice pack to put on anything sore.

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