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Man “Saves” Vintage 1960s Gossip Bench from Millennial DIYer Makeover

It looks so much better as the original.
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If you haven't heard or seen a gossip bench then you are seriously missing out on this iconic piece of furniture from the 1960s. Gossip benches are also called telephone tables and they are pieces of furniture, often a single sitting chair that have a small desk built into them on the side, right where a landline, corded telephone would sit.

They are joked gossip bench because you sit in the chair next to the phone and spill the beans with the other housewives on the spin dial landline. These pieces of furniture are relics that are no longer made so finding one is few and far in between, and if found should be cherished for what they are. TikToker and restoration lover @kylewilliamart found a gossip bench on Facebook Marketplace and saved it from its sad millennial makeover. 

The man saved the gossip bench from Facebook Marketplace where it sat crying of its millennial DIY makeover. The previous DIY doer painted the gossip bench a matte teal color and stapled a funky colorful patterned fabric over the bench seat.

The saver of the gossip bench tore the fabric off the bench seat revealing the original orange, red, and yellow plaid fabric. He stripped all the paint off the bench and revealed the original wood. He then treated the wood with a coating of beeswax and set it in its final resting place to be displayed, fully restored to its former glory!

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