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This Plant Keeps Rodents Out of Your Yard

This is perfect for home gardeners and those that have a rodent problem!
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There's nothing quite like planting a bunch of new flowers or updating your landscape to wake up to it all have been devoured by rodents, or planting a huge vegetable garden and watching that head of romaine lettuce grow larger and larger and larger, and just before you go to harvest it, it's been eaten by a small rabbit that was able to squeeze through the fence.

If you have a rat, mice, or rodent problem in your yard or simple in your house you have to take the advice from @premacultureplants recent TikTok video where he describes a plant you can plant around your house, yard, and garden to keep pesky rodents at bay. 

This low growing ground cover is called Panadol, and it will keep the rodents away during the times it is actively growing. It is a member of the Lamiaceae family, the same plant family mint is in. It is edible aso safe to have around children and pets, its taste is quite bitter though so its not necessarily used for flavor although it has a smell similar to Oregano.

Doubling as pest control, this plant also has extreme medicinal properties. Using the leaves in a powdered form they have been used to treat colds and have shown they do indeed shorten the duration of common colds, while also reducing fevers and aiding sore throats in people dealing with tonsillitis.

The plant has short round leaves, similar to a clover, and branches out like mint. They are light green in color but have varying hues throughout the plant, creating elegant ground cover that also serves a serious purpose.

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