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Rope and Rit Dye Make the Coolest Wall Art

Such a simple DIY with a bold outcome.
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In today’s day in age, decorating your space can become so costly, as everything seems to add up so quickly. There are so many rooms that require some sort of personal touch; the kitchen, the laundry room, bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, patios, entry ways, the kitchen… the list just keeps going on.

With the rising cost of everything, home creatives and interior designers have started making DIY projects to achieve the decor look they are going for without breaking the bank. TikTok content creator and creative designer @skylarmarshai posted a video to the platform showing off her cool DIY wall decor that is so simple yet looks majorly expensive.

The woman has an open wall space in her home that is screaming for some creativity, so the woman purchased two things, some very thick rope, and a bottle of dark royal blue Rit Dye, and let just say, the results are so cool.

She starts by taking her oversized chunky braided rope and soaking it in a giant tub of boiling water and royal blue rit dye. Once the rope had picked up the pigment of the Rit Dye the woman mixes it with fabric stiffener/draping liquid and cobalt blue paint- because even more pigment duh! Then the woman spreads the rope out on a plastic sheet and starts morphing the rope into her desired shape and layout… a tangled, beautiful object. The rope dried perfectly in place of her design, she added a few command strips and hung the new art piece on the wall!

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