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Woman Creates Gorgeous Rustic Bench Out of Scaffolding Boards

We love the distressed look of it!
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Distressed wood is becoming quite a trendy look within homes. It gives off a relaxed villa vibe, with no sharp edges and clean lines; it's inviting and warm. Places like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Burke Decor have many models of furniture crafted from reclaimed wood to create a distressed treasure, but they also cost upwards of $600. Many at home DIYers have opted to craft their own saving tons.

With the value of truly authentic aged barn wood rising to extreme highs it can be a tough get your hands on any for diy projects that you want to have a rustic look. TikTok content creator @shaynaalnwick used scaffolding boards and distressed them herself, creating a beautifully crafted rustic bench.


Starting with scaffolding boards she cuts them to the right dimensions of her bench and gets them ready for the fun part… distressing them. To give them an authentic aged look she peeled sections of the board, made cuts, and indentations, making the wood look “100 years old” as she said in her video. She then sanded down the entire bench and added a coat of her favorite stain, a light golden ash. After assembling the pieces she revealed the final product- which is stunning- and placed it at the foot of her bed, ready for admiration.