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Husband Installs Hidden Custom Library In RV for Wife While She’s Away

She’s going to be so thrilled when she gets back.

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For those of us who love to read, we likely have a dedicated space in our house where we go to unwind and relax while sipping on a cup of tea and diving straight into our favorite book at the moment. However, if you live in a tiny home or an RV, it may be a bit more difficult to have that special nook or library in your home due to having a lack of space.

Fortunately for the wife of TikTok content creator @baileygoesoutside, she’s getting a custom hidden library built in their RV, courtesy of her husband, Bailey. Judging by the finished look of the library, we bet she’s going to love it!


As he mentioned in the video Bailey and his wife have been living on the road in their RV for over a year now and as book lover, she’s always finding some time to read as many of her books as possible. The only problem with her having so many books is that she does’t have much space to store her books. So, while she’s away with her friends or the weekend, he used that time to transform a storage area in the RV into a personal space for her to keep her books, as well as a nice little spot for their cat to relax. The custom built miniature library is complete with LED lights and three shelves that’s able to hold at least one-third of her books.

This was so sweet and thoughtful! And based off the reaction video, we’re thrilled to see that she loved the sweet surprise!