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Man Shares a Unique Way to Hold Onto His Daughter's Baby Teeth

He took family heirloom to a whole other level.

As a kid, it was always a big deal when we started the process of losing our baby teeth. During the process, we’d go through the multiple stages of feelings: excitement of seeing the loose tooth, frustration that the tooth is still hanging on, then scared for it to actually leave our mouth, before entering the final stage of relief after actually losing the tooth. The next step after that was to anxiously await the “tooth fairy’s” visit to pay us our hard-earned money in exchange for our little pearly white tooth. Fair enough.

While some of us were unsure of what was done with our teeth after the “tooth fairy”collected them, there’s one little girl who won’t have to wonder what happened with her tooth simply because her dad has an ummm special way to commemorate the experience!


In this recent viral TikTok video that’s already gained over one million views, creator @.thatsvile decided to make something special with his daughter’s baby tooth. He mixed and rolled some clay, mixed together a lot of flocking and combined it with the clay to create a shiny mix. He then rolled the mixture flat and grabbed some foil for the base. After that, he covered the base in the shiny clay mixture and started sculpting. Finally, we’re shown an eclectic sculpture with an interesting face with a mouth holding her precious little tooth.

TikTokers in the comments were just as surprised about outcome as we were! One person said “Idk what i was expecting but it wasn’t that, LOL.”


But as the hashtags read, it is weird and a little creepy but it’s a cool keepsake, especially considering he has an entire collection!