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Woman Creates Basketball-Themed ‘Senior Baskets’ and We’re Impressed

These will score big with class of 2022.

Graduating from school is a big deal. It signifies that you made it through many years of showing up to class, doing the work and participating in extra curricular actives to get to the finish line. We know the journey isn’t always easy, which is why graduations serve as the perfect time to celebrate those who made it.

Sure we can always give graduates money, but if you’re looking for a more personal way to congratulate them, TikTok craftpreneur @ashreneallen showed us how to create the coolest gift for your graduate (or graduates) and will for sure make them smile!


We love how personalized this gift is! Of course you can always put your creative spin on the gift by adjusting it to fit your graduate’s personality and interests as well. You can simply take the trashcan, spray paint and personalize it with their childhood photos or favorite hobbies, then fill it with their favorite snacks and trinkets. Either way you decide to do this DIY, it’ll definitely make a great gift. The comments agree!

“STOP! I am OBSESSED! You have me thinking of the possibilities,” one TikTok user wrote. “I need this idea for football!!! Love it! And my boy and his squad would love these!” @danielle_miller36 commented. “I love it!! Absolutely beautiful! ! Thanks for sharing,” @mzkwil wrote. TikTok user @jwade678 wrote “This is awesome. I know they felt like super stars.” Another TikTok follower wrote “I'm sure they LOVED them! So thoughtful!”

No matter how you decide to recreate this DIY, this will make a great gift for your graduate.