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This Hack Helps You Install the Slat Wall of Your Dreams Without Removing Your Baseboards

It looks seamless and beautiful.

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Sometimes all you need to change in your home is add an accent wall or a color block wall. But an accent wall doesn't have to be created just with paint, there are a few different ways to create an easy and budget-friendly accent wall to change it up a bit. 

Want to know how? TikTok creator and DIYer Aboli (@spruce_n_spice) shows us in her video how she created a stunning accent slat wall anyone can accomplish.


Wow! Would you look at this? I love the dark blue color of the paint. 

The great part about this slat wall is that it works with your baseboards. What Aboli did was add a 3/4inch quarter round to extend the baseboards, this way it fits the slats perfectly and it is even.

First, she painted the wall and slats in the desired color, and let them dry. Then she attached a 3/4inch quarter round above the baseboards with a nail gun but upside down, so the round part touches the baseboards, and the flat part serves as the base for the slats. Next, Aboli added the slats and attached these as well with a nail gun or liquid nails. And lastly, she also painted the baseboards in the same color as the slats, as you can see in this video

It looks great!

This accent wall is quite unique, as it almost serves as an arch in the hallway since the slats reach up to the ceiling and continue to the other side of the wall.