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Mom Transforms Ikea Shelves Into a 'Squishmallow' Bed and People Are Divided

Is it safe? Who knows. Is it cute? Heck yes.

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If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t do, it’s stopping a determined parent from doing what they need or want to do bring a smile to their child’s face. Whether we’re transforming a thrifted Ikea bunkbed into a luxurious playhouse or crafting up beautiful room décor, there’s practically no limit to what we’ll do to make our kids happy.

Such is the case in this TikTok video uploaded by an NYC mom @mommyshorts who managed to do both - create a “Squishmallow” bed for her daughter which isn’t just a bed but also a display case for Squishmallow stuffed animals. And well, the result is super cute!


In the video that’s almost at half a million views, the parents used three white Ikea Kallax shelf units - two with eight shelving cubes and one with four shelving cubes. After assembling the shelves, they placed the four shelf unit against the wall and placed the other two units against the four unit shelf. They then placed plywood on top of the shelves to provide some security before applying the mattress on top. Finishing off the DIY project, they made up the bed and placed their daughter’s Squishmallow stuffed animals on top of the bed and in the shelves for décor.

The comments are back and forth but there are quite a few people who are just as pleased with the outcome as we are.

One TikTok user commented “Friction adorbs,” while someone else backed up the comments saying “I love it! That’s so cute!” Another TikTok user commented “That's the greatest bed. She's so happy!”

While it's up for debate if it's safe or not, it’s for sure a cute and creative way to drift away to sleep at night. Kudos to mom and dad for creating this for their daughter!