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This DIY Stain Remover Uses Minimal Ingredients and Works Amazingly Well

You probably have everything you need to make it, too!

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As much as I love wearing a fresh and bright white crisp shirt, I rarely ever do because no matter how careful I am, I end up with a piece of my breakfast or lunch on my shirt by dinner time. And don’t even think about wearing white around young kids, stains will be totally inevitable at that point.

While there are many ways to brighten your whites, such as using a TikTok favorite — Dawn dish soap, TikTok content creator @creative_explained shows us another way to clean our white laundry that still uses dish soap, but doesn’t have any toxic chemicals in the easy DIY solution.

To make this stain remover all you need is baking soda, fresh lemon juice from a lemon (no surprise here), white vinegar, a tad bit of dish soap and water. Next, you’ll simply mix the ingredients, apply it directly onto the stubborn stain and use an old toothbrush to scrub it away.

While some folks in the comment section are questioning if this DIY stain remover actually works, he claims that this natural concoction works great at removing any stains on any clothes.

I guess we won’t know unless we try it ourselves.

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