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St. Louis Woman’s DIY Stock Tank Pool Design Is So Dreamy

...It's the pinnacle of her beautiful backyard oasis

While some people are anxiously awaiting Halloween’s return and are already over the summer, others are embracing the warmer summer weather and are adjusting accordingly. From creating a “hillbilly” pool to custom-painting swimming pools, people everywhere are trying their best to keep cool while navigating through these record-breaking heat waves many of us have been experiencing and our latest find from this content creator is no exception.

TikTok content creator, Abbey of @daily_disco shared her beautiful DIY stock tank pool and we seriously can’t get over how cute it is!


If there was an award to give for the cutest and most relaxing backyard, she would definitely win! We love how she painted her pool a light coral-pink type of color to match her Minnidip pool floatie, too. The matching umbrellas and green, lush plants placed throughout the yard and surrounding the pool are also a nice touch.

Unsurprisingly, people in the comments are also swooning over this beautifully striped stock tank pool as well! “Love it. I had mine for two years until rust came to the bottom,” @alisarobin5 wrote. “This is exactly what I want to do! It’s adorable!!” @alexandra_giorgio commented.

While we’re not sure exactly how much this DIY cost, we’re sure it’s worth it!