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This Raw Stone Shower Entry Is So Cool!

And seems surprisingly easy to DIY in your own bathroom!
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There's something aesthetically pleasing about bringing the spa look to your own bathroom. I;m not sure if it's the fact it makes the space seem more clean, welcomes a tranquil vibe, or if the muted tones and earthy textures are soothing to the eye and mind.

The spa aesthetic is something that more and more designers are starting to incorporate into home bathroom design. With bamboo finishes, wood slat walls, concrete and marble tubs, live plants, organic cotton textiles, and one of the most popular raw stones.

 Raw stone in bathrooms are used primarily as flooring, connected with grout in between. TikToker and home renovator @g_carr_joinery posted a video to TikTok showing how he DIYed and scribbled raw stones into his shower entry, and wow does it look cool!

The man lays the stones down flooding out from his shower, creating a stone walkway into the shower and continuing onto the shower floor. To finish the flooring up to the stones the man uses a scribing tool to get the perfect angles of where the final stones lay. He then cuts the wood to match and fits it snug up to the stones. He continues this all the way around the stone flooring until a full border is made and all the flooring is installed. The man fills the stones with grout and reveals his beautiful spa-like bathroom.

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