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Couple Creates DIY String Light Planter That Gives Off Instant Relaxation Vibes

Easily elevate your backyard hangout area
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Those darling string lights that hang above your head on the patios of charming cafes create such a warming atmosphere when dusk hits. The warm yellow light beaming off your glass of rośe while you lounge in a wicker chair on top of a deep red puffed chair cushion immerses you in relaxation. The cafe closes and you are sent on your way back home, ending your blissed out evening.

TikTok couple @emyludesigns wanted to create this space at home so the vibes never had to end. They posted to TikTok their diy string light planter stand which completely elevated their space.


The couple went to their local hardware store and picked up a tall beam, a large durable planter, a few bags of concrete, black paint, and string lights. Once home they assembled the design, starting with placing the beam in the center of the pot, filling concrete around the beam until it reached about halfway up the pot. They then painted the beam a matte black, added dirt on top of the dried concrete, and planted their flowers around the base of the beam. String lights were draped from the beam to the house, creating a truly relaxing space right in the comfort of their backyard.