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Woman Proves Why You Should Never, Ever, DIY Sunscreen

Unless, of course, you like getting burnt...

So, let me start this off by saying that I am from Texas, and, being from Texas, I know more than enough about heat and sunburn. In any case, sunburns and even the sun’s rays itself can cause a lot of health problems down the road, meaning that sunscreen is an absolute must. But what do you do if you don't have sunscreen? Should you make your own?

Probably not, says at least one TikTok user. But why?


Creator Faith Allison (therealfaithallison) starts off simple. She's testing a couple of different kinds of sunscreen ranging from a higher end store bought brand to a mixture she's concocted herself with an online recipe. Then she does what many of us probably wish we were doing right now - she goes outside, lays back, and waits for the sun’s rays to hit her.

But wait, she’s also added something else. A few UV stickers were placed on her leg, each covered with a layer of sunscreen. These UV stickers react to any UV light that makes its way through the sunscreen, essentially measuring how much of the harmful rays are actually getting absorbed by her skin. She’s basically turned herself into a science experiment for the rest of us, and boy am I glad she did!

What is revealed through this mini-experiment is that the store-brought brands of sunscreen do pretty well, the stickers show only a hint (if even that) of UV rays getting through the lotion and to the sticker, or skin, itself. That means they are working. Unfortunately, the homemade sunscreen doesn’t seem to be working as well, and while it isn’t as bright a purple as the sticker where there is no sunscreen at all, it's still pretty vivid.

I’m just grateful that Faith sacrificed a bit of her time (and maybe a little bit of skin) for this experiment! It has saved me from thinking that homemade sunscreen might be in my future, and may save others from the same mistake as well!