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Woman Saves $130 Creating Gorgeous Wall Art With This Simple DIY

It looks just like the store version!

If you’re looking for a way to add more character to your bland walls, but aren’t in the mood to paint or add wallpaper, adding a bit of artwork is your way to go. It takes little to no effort to hang up and it’s a quick way to spruce up your plain walls. Perhaps the only downside to incorporating art work into your home is it sometimes can get quite expensive depending on a variety of factors, but if you take the time to do a good DIY, like TikTok content creator @ashleehowenstine did, then you can eliminate that issue altogether!

Take a look at how she saved $130 creating her own wall art rather than purchasing a more expensive version from Target!


As she mentioned in the video, she really liked the neutral-toned wall prints that she saw at Target but wasn’t up for spending a whopping $232 in order to have it. So instead, she did it herself and used the Target wall prints for inspiration. To complete this project, she simply went to Amazon to purchase three inexpensive black frames, water color paper and paints and duplicated the art quite perfectly. However, her version only cost $100 as opposed to $232.

What a win! We love how she easily did this herself and it came out gorgeous!