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Watch This Woman Create a DIY Tea Cup Candle and It Looks So Pretty

We need this in our lives!

DIY candles have gained a lot of popularity recently, and people come up with the craziest DIY candle ideas, such as this red wine-in-a-glass candle. I mean sure, certainly go to town with it. 

This TikTok account @nifty has some interesting ideas also when it comes to DIY candles. This one is perfect for the holiday season or whenever you have guests over. Let's check it out!


All you need is an old set of china which you can get at the flea market or a thrift store, such as Goodwill. Then you can either melt candles that are in basic candle jars or buy some soy wax beads. You would also need some cotton wicks, and that's it.

All you need to do is melt the wax and place the cotton wick in the teacup, add the wax and let it rest. 

You can also add some loose tea leaves to the wax or on top of it. And essential oils, such as peppermint or orange. Or a combo of essential oils to represent tea flavors. You could also make it smell like Christmas by adding dried orange slices, cloves, candy canes, and cinnamon sticks to the wax. It would look so pretty and smell so festive!

Honestly, when it comes to making DIY candles, your options are endless. You can also buy DIY candle kits - which come with everything you need, except the teacups. 

This will definitely be next on my list for craft projects.

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